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Happiness Matters

We are frantically like to say it’s for other happiness that we suffer. But do we really mean what we say ? I guess what we really say that we need recognition of our sacrifice. “Happiness Matters”. As odd it may seems that our society do not value happiness higher. It has become somewhat a…

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Born, Live and Die

It’s an irony if we get to think about the way we were born. Yes we come genetically from our parents. But what’s even more irony is when we regretted why we were born. Nobody is born perfect, not even the rich kids. See being born is like a journey or venture of possibilities. When…

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Do Different Things in Facebook?

Doing different things is a must if you want to get a different results Yes, you can and if you ask why? The answer is simple to get “attention” of your facebook friends to see your message bigger! I see people bragging that they are not getting any people who likes them or be their…

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