Born, Live and Die

It’s an irony if we get to think about the way we were born.
Yes we come genetically from our parents. But what’s even more
irony is when we regretted why we were born.

Nobody is born perfect, not even the rich kids. See being born
is like a journey or venture of possibilities. When we live is
all up to us how do we want to take live to next level.

There is no one there to make decision except us, there is a special
period in our lifetime where we get guidance from our parents / guardians
but at the end is all about our CHOICE.

You can’t choose and pick how you were born. Yet you can choose everyday
to live your life differently and push forward to become your better version.
at the end you can choose to live a life legacy or you can become part of
history. It’s all about the choice we make in present.

I learnt that there is no need for me to regret why I was born and why things
happen good and bad in the past. Being grateful for our presence will keep us
in the journey to see that the future is brighter only if we invented it.

Let’s start be grateful in our life, live and learn also pushing forward and keep
on playing the card of possibilities.

Befriended Life with Gratefulness

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