Do Different Things in Facebook?

Doing different things is a must if you want to get
a different results

Yes, you can and if you ask why? The answer is simple
to get “attention” of your facebook friends to see your
message bigger!

I see people bragging that they are not getting any
people who likes them or be their friends or pass along
the message on FB. I beg to differ. There are several
things that you can do to get the best attention on facebook.

Here are some top tips that you can use it right away:
1. Always share something like a wisdom or motivational quotes.
You may ask but you are not doing differently than any other.
The question is not about the quote as it is for general public.
But how do you present the quote ?

Are you just plainly copying and paste the content into
your facebook status ? Then do not do it the same way. Here is
some twist. You can find what people called as MEMEs. This is
a way for you to present a picture and text. This could work

2. Post a Celebrity Bloopers. Yes, you heard it right…
You don’t have to be famous like perezhilton(dot)com or
like huffington post. You got to find something from a celeb
that you want to talk about that get people buzzing about it.

3. Find a unique video in youtube and upload it to your facebook
video. This might take a while and need the proper tools to get
you download from youtube but you can find a freeware to get
a favorited or most watched video on youtube and get shared on
Facebook. The trick is this, never use bare youtube link but
download the video first and upload the video in your wall status.

These three are free methods and you can do different things in
facebook without spending a dime. You might be asking what’s the
different? my question to you is this. Have you done any of the
3 steps above ? and can you tell me some other unique ways to do

Let me know what you think as I am really curious to know

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