Happiness Matters

We are frantically like to say it’s for other happiness
that we suffer. But do we really mean what we say ? I guess
what we really say that we need recognition of our sacrifice.

“Happiness Matters”. As odd it may seems that our society
do not value happiness higher. It has become somewhat a taboo
topic even in some cultures. I am not talking just “common term”
happiness when you got your salary every month, or even talking
to your old pal or get proposed next to beach.

Remember when we were young? We made stupid decision, play with risk
and even doing things we are not supposed to. We dare to play with
possibilities yet to figure out that we know our limit.

Coming from conservative family, I valued the relationship I built with
my family but yet I am a rebel. Not because I want to disobey my parents
but deep within I want to try things out. I do want to let experience be
my true teacher and giving me the wisdom in life I may never have if I do
not try.

Michael Jordan has a very interesting quote “I can accept failure, what I
can not accept if I am not trying”. Yet he was not born as a superstar right
away, he did not even get choose as the main players in his high school time.
One thing he did really well was trying to become the very best of his version
and create the History that we awed for.

Why Happiness is such a misuse words? And why happiness is determined by the
amount of money we have in the bank or car we ride or brand that we are associated
with. I do understand the gratification in having all those and as a complimentary
but when I got to think about it those were not happiness.

Are you happy having money or are you more happy with what you can do with money ?
Are you proud with the car type you ride or are you more happy driving with someone you like?
Are you happy that you can afford that Designers brand for Bags and Shoes or are you keeping
them to gives you sense of recognition that society perceives you and accepts you?

Yes, money is important and it’s substantial.
Unfortunately we perceive and value money not as we are supposed to.

We were told that we need to get a good job, get a good salary and start buying things that
make us up for who we are in Society. Get Married and build a family but let’s see things again
in perspective. What does really make us happy in life ? and why ?

I learned that we can never be really happy unless we really do understand one thing.
First of all, it is to “Love ourself” is not about being egoistic or self centered.
It’s about accepting who we are and in the journey discovering that everyday we are that champion
who is yet to be found by the talent scout called LIFE.

Second, appreciation and recognition. Do unto others what others want to do unto you.
This maybe something that you have heard before but what’s important if you start recognizing someone
with acknowledgement and apprection things are in favor on your side.

Here is an example to give you deeper understanding. Do one thing without recognizing or appreciating
just go on and keep on asking without even saying thanks.

What do you see ? Can you picture your life would be more difficult and have remorse and if you try
to ask the same person you would find out they would hesitant to help you.

in contrary do this. Walk up to a person or say hi to a stranger next to you in the elevator just throw
smile and being sincere. Just say simple things “How are you? It’s A bright day”. You may go on with
compliments and realize that you just starting to make new friends. You might want to go a little bit
extra like “can you hold this for me for a while, I need to tie my shoes or fix my hair. Don’t do it
too long and after ward compliment the person for his kindness and willingness”. What you just build
is a bonding.

If things don’t go in your way start appreciating and gives recognition to people who deserves it.

Third that I thing we all have to start learn as our education and society does not really teach it
is about being grateful in life. Yes we may aim for big things in life but do appreciate the journeys
that has make us of who we are. Recognize every key point in life small and big, good or bad, happy
or sad. Life is there to allow us to experience our humanity. Let’s start to touch people life by
just being grateful with our family, work, business, the relationship we are in it, our kids, our dogs

If you see being happy is about ATTITUDE and PERCEPTION. Is the key elements in life that make us of who
we are. The way we response to situation and also the way we see things or visioning life.

Can you say that “Happiness Matters”? Let’s build a new attitude to slowly transform a new culture
in our society or in our workplace and to the closest one, our family.

Be Awesome & Be Happy


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